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A Call for Aid
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Minos Iceworks
Briefing Strike Cruiser Retribution – this is Librarian Jonah Orion. We are under attack. The Eldar are massing around us. They have a Wraithlord, which has already claimed Sergeant Endymion. We must drive these xenos back! "What are the Eldar doing on Aurelia?" We found them excavating the area – to what end I do not know. The Eldar have deployed a powerful force to ensure we do not find out. I fear we will not survive long without reinforcement.
Objectives Contact and support Librarian Jonah Orion
Eliminate the Eldar
Intelligence Eldar walkers and grav tanks are present. Use anti-vehicle weapons.
Eldar structures have been detected on the surface, explosives will be ideal for this mission.
Reward Claw of Zeal (level 18 rare lightning claw)


  • Primary Objective: Capture the rendezvous beacon
  • Primary Objective: Hold the rendezvous beacon until Jonah's arrival
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Eldar encampment
  • Objective Updated: Destroy the Eldar encampment (0/3)
  • Primary Objective: Rescue Thule



Note: Until you deploy on this mission, you can use the "Reassign Points" button on the inventory screen to reset all skill points for any unit.

Its a straight forward mission. At higher difficulty bring the explosive backpack on someone with jump/teleport- it will help you allot in the end. If you go for the crates in the top right isolated area be careful not to be targeted because you lose the supplies if the enemy blows up the crates. And there is a tank where you can see a little red in the upper part of the map. When you get to the last satellite uplink and the cutscene triggers you'd better have throw a bomb at one of the smaller portals, and teleport/jump past the enemies and start boming the big gate behind, as if you wait too long you might get a bit overwhelmed by their reinforcements - especially on higher difficulty.

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