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A Brother's Return
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Astronomic Array
Briefing We have an urgent message from Planet Typhon. It comes from Techmarine Martellus. We thought him lost in the Tyranid war, but he survided. He needs your help, Commander. "Play the Message from Martellus." Techmarine Martellus to any Blood Ravens capable of receiving. I am transmitting from the Astronomic Array station in the Typhon Highlands. Ork looters have been a recurring threat since my arrival. However, at dawn this day, I detected a graver threat – Chaos Space Marines. I fear they want the array for themselves. I risk damaging the array by sending this message, but I require support— Mars and Terra! Power levels are drop—
Objectives Rescue Techmarine Martellus
Defend the Astronomic Array
Permanent damage to the array corrupts deployed squads
Intelligence Suppressive and area-of-effect weapons will aid you in defending the Array.
Cluster Mines, Remote Detonators and the Locator Beacon can bolster your defense.
Reward Terminator Lightning Claws (level 18 common terminator lightning claws)


  • Primary Objective: Rescue Techmarine Martellus
  • Primary Objective: Defend the Astronomic Array
  • Objective Updated: Defend the Generators
  • Secondary Objective: Close the gate to divert the Orks
  • Redemption Opportunity: Recovering the wargear cache will redeem deployed squads
  • Corruption Risk: Discharging the Array will corrupt deployed squads


  • Recover wargear (+2 Redemption)
  • Discharge array (+4 Corruption)


Map (Astronomic Array)


  • Largish numbers of Chaos and Ork infantry from three directions
  • Several Chaos Dreadnoughts, 1-2 Deff Dredds and Chaos Predators
  • Plague Champion boss
  • Weirdboy boss (if going for secondary objective)
  • Enemies will also fight each other

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